How to choose Valentine’s Day String Lights?

Many Strings Lights prepared for Valentine's Day on the market, which are basically monotonous colors, or simple styles, can't meet people's needs, then how do we can get one colorful and free to change the color of the string lights?  BONUO C6 RGB LED String Lights perfect for setting a special mood on Valentine's Day, the string light is made of white wire, 16.5ft 50 bulbs, 4 inches spacing, USB connector. 16 static colors, 2 mixed colors, and 7 dynamic multicolor modes(FADE, JUMP, ASYN FADE, ASYN JUMP, TWINKLE, STROBE, IN WAVES). Pick up your favorite colors and modes to create elegant romantic atmospheres.

USB plug has a built-in memory chip, even if the power is turned off, it can remember the last mode & color it previously set, adding the convenience of use. Also, the USB connection gives it a lot more possibilities, you can plug the colorful lights into the laptop, power bank or behind the TV, etc.

Choose the color you want by remoter controller, Red symbolizes love and romance, making it the perfect Valentine's Day rose; Pink symbolizes gratitude, elegance, admiration and joy; Yellow symbolizes friendship; Purple represents romantic truth and precious uniqueness; White symbolizes innocence and purity; Orange symbolizes enthusiasm and passion ; Blue represents honesty and kindness.

BONUO RGB C6 LED String Lights can be purchased on many platforms, such as Amazon, or BONUO store, Walmart, etc. All platforms provide fast door-to-door delivery services and support 30 days of free returns and refunds. For your Valentine's Day or other holidays choose the best decorative lights now!

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